11 July 2008

Pictures, En Masse

As I begin getting all of my photographs uploaded so that I can order prints, build photo books, and print a few key pieces for the walls, I have been devoting all of our bandwidth to Shutterfly. I'm a big fan of their photo books, and they have some of the best quality prints, in color (We use a special photography service for Greg's black and white work, as b-n-w that is printed by a printer designed for color is almost always sub-par).

You can see the full collection of photos from my time in Italy, here. A number of the photos in album 2/4 are student-taken photos, and I'd be happy to identify credit. Generally, they are from Shane St. Esprit (at the Colosseum and the Forum) and Kelley Costello (at Pompeii), although a few owe their authorship to Josie Moore (about town, mostly) and Jared Penn (the Italian flag at the Stadio Olimpico). There are three photos taken by Jessica Sheffield in album 3/4, all of people with umbrellas at the Trevi Fountain. My profound thanks to these folks--they captured the everyday moments that were missing in my photos but were in my memories.

0/4 Rome Photos
1/4 Rome Photos
2/4 Rome Photos
3/4 Rome Photos
4/4 Rome Photos


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