11 July 2008

Even Berlusconi Might Protest Bush...

Berlusconi is not the most popular fellow amongst the Italians I spoke with, but even he might protest the most recent treatment he's received from George W. Bush.

From one of the most conservative news sources to your ears: FOXNews relates the press kit that smears Berlusconi requires an apology. And, on the Blogora today, a bit about how Bush greeted Berlusconi in Spanish. Amigo/amiga, folks, is in Spanish. The Italian is amica or amico.

While we were in Italy, Bush visited the Pope and Berlusconi (in Naples at the time), and a protest was held in Rome. The carabinieri lined up at the end of the parade and along the route in front of storefronts such as Blockbuster. The protest was peopled as much by American expats as Italians, but the casual conversations I had with Italians indicated that neither Bush nor Berlusconi are the most popular folks at the moment...

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