24 June 2008

Saturday is Wedding Day

Saturdays are very, very popular for weddings here. The day we graduate students visited the Via Appia Antica, we saw three weddings. Unfortunately, my quick draw is not great for my camera, and I only obtained pics of people's backs as they walked to the wedding.

I also missed a couple, promenading down the middle of the street, in Florence, even though I chased after them. I had to give way to a truck and this couple in the foreground. It's hard to capture people walking!

Just this past weekend, I witnessed a couple getting engaged, at sunset, on the Pincio hill. As we rounded the corner, the scene was perfect—the sun setting behind the city, a clear view with just the two of them there, earnest and tuned-in body language. I thought, “I wonder if he’s going to propose…” and about two seconds later, he was down on one knee. Since I do not have a particularly well-developed Jedi mind trick, I’m going to assume they were on this path already. Mia was kind enough to lend me some pixels so I could get a shot of them just after. She said yes, we assume, given all the hugging and kissing.

As we head home, it is heartening to see couples just making a beginning commitment. In a year, it might be another Saturday wedding.

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