17 June 2008

Protest Dog!

This past Wednesday, George W. Bush visited Italy. Although he did not speak while in Rome (he met with Berlusconi in Naples and with the Pope at the Vatican City), a protest was held. It began at the Piazza della Repubblica and turned into a parade through town. We wended our way through the crowd, and I saw this lovely wire-haired dog in the bunch. As you can see, others were also pleased to meet him. I was particularly amused that the dog had a muzzle attached to his collar, but he was unmuzzled at the protest, much as the people were. Lots of people stopped to pet this dog, as I was trying to get a good shot of him. You can see one of them pictured here. Petting people's dogs is not common around here, so this was a bit out of the usual behavior. Perhaps people feel a bit more free when they are protesting politically.

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