09 June 2008

On Vacation: Dogs in Siena, Radda, Florence, Sorrento, and Capri

We graduate students have squeezed in a few weekends away during our time here. I have stayed in Italy, but I have been to a number of towns. In each, I have encountered dogs. I finally pet an Italian dog this past weekend, a Miniature Schnauzer on Capri. In each of these places, the dogs behave much as the Roman dogs do. Some are a bit more laid back, with their tongues lolling, but I did not discern any new habits or behaviors. I have not captured every dog I have seen on film, but here are a handful of the dogs from my forays around Italy:

In Siena (central Tuscany):

In Radda (Chianti region of Tuscany):

In Sorrento (north side of the Amalfi Coast):

In Capri (an island off the end of the Amalfi Coast):

As you can see, haircuts are just as coiffed, breeds look pretty similar, and pups follow their owners indoors whether they live on the waterfront in Sorrento, in their houses on the hill in Radda, or with our neighbors in Testaccio.

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