17 June 2008

Bus Map, A Must Have

If you find yourself in Rome, a bus map is a must-have. The system is very comprehensive, and the signs are useful for figuring out where the major stops are on a route. It can make it possible to figure out which direction the bus is headed, sometimes, as well (Piazza Venezia is a useful central point to know that you're in the city center). Here's a comprehensive map (the city center only on this map), from ATAC (the site is all in Italian, but with some basic words it can be navigated fairly simply).

It's raining today, so Mia and I took the 116 to the Villa Borghese and the 95 back from there to the Sede di Roma. We'll take the 95 or the 170 on our way home. We've been here just over five weeks, and we can get anywhere we need to in the city. Sometimes, we have to spend a few minutes with a bus map, but we have routes fairly down for most of the major areas of the city (e.g. H is for Trastevere, 64 goes to the Vatican, 117 goes to the Laterano, etc.). It is worth taking time to learn--it saves us a lot of time in getting around when it is rainy, we have heavy backpacks, someone forgets an umbrella, or anyone is not feeling well. I am a fan.

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