30 June 2008

Home at Last

I have finally arrived, safe and sound, in State College after three solid days of travel. Let me just say this: Rome can't hold a candle to the chaos and disorganization that is JFK International. We could read the signs and talk to people at JFK and it was STILL more confusing and disorienting than living in Rome.

Although I am fiercely missing Rome, it helps that it is pretty here this time of year. Everything is green, the boulevards are wide and open, and flowers are in bloom. My family is happy to see me, and it's a delight to be able to chat on the phone as long as I like :)

I'll be posting to this blog periodically over the next couple of weeks to wrap up some of the items I did not get posted prior to leaving Italy. You can also look forward to a photo link in the near future that will include all of my Italy photos online.

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