25 June 2008

Headed Home

We are headed home in the next few days. I do not anticipate returning to State College; I will miss Rome.

What I do look forward to is seeing my spouse and my pups. You can see them, here. Riley (aka Roo) is the black schnauzer, and Roscoe (aka Rox) is the salt-and-pepper one. I look forward to hearing their stories. Riley has had a haircut, I hear, so she probably looks a bit more like Rox now, what we refer to lovingly as alien-rat-dog hair, which is most practical for summertime. I have cuter pics, but these are the ones I brought with me--their faces being affectionate and asking for attention and love :)

Here are me and Greg, being sappy on our wedding day. Our anniversary happens very soon. I will be glad to be home to celebrate it together.

You can see two of this blog's themes (dogs and weddings) tying together with my path home (although these are all older photos in order to tie up those themes neatly ;). The other theme, the bus, does not work in as clearly, but we do both value public transport and urban living a lot. Perhaps that makes the final connection.

It has been grand. I will miss Rome very much, but I look forward to seeing my family and friends again.

1 comment:

Greg said...

I hope you had a happy birthday. :)

I'll be happy to see you, too. :)

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