02 June 2008

Cane Feroce and Dogs along the Via Appia Antica

Along the Via Appia Antica lie a number of sites open to tourists, including mausoleums and meadows. A number of people’s estates (homes would be to underestimate the grandeur of these homes and their grounds) also line this ancient thoroughfare. Almost all of the homes sport warnings about their dogs. Some indicate a dog is in residence, some warn of the dog’s ferocity, and some simply present pictures of mean dogs. I even found one as a mosaic, with a Latin warning about the dog. A variety of dogs appear on the signs, but some clearly do not match the dog actually within the fence. One sign sports a Doberman Pinscher, but the dog who was barking suggests the dog is very small. It might very well be ferocious, but no Doberman lives at that house. Some of the signs are indicated below:

Dogs clearly do live along this route. Many are visitors, as well. I enjoyed the number of dogs people had out on walks with them along the Appia Antica, and we encountered several lazy dogs sleeping in the shade. Here are two of the sleepy dogs:

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Chris said...

My grandparents had the cave canem tile on their back gate. It brings back memories- we sold their house last year.

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