18 May 2008

Polizia, Nationalism, and the Piazza del Popolo

Upon completing our trek by the Spanish Steps and up to the Pincio, we happened upon the celebration of the 156th anniversary of the polizia. In the Palazza del Popolo (literally a piazza for the people and populism), they were having a celebration, complete with a climbing wall, a police boat and helicopter, a mounted guard, and the President! There were a series of speeches, lots of folks in formation, and a band.

The band marched directly below us, and three or four of us took video of them marching. Those holding silver sticks have swords. Although I’ve learned I need to avoid talking during the videotaping, I got a fair capture of them marching. You will hear us conversing in the background, and, yes, that's me proclaiming how fantastic they are, twice. I was really impressed with the show.

It was a stupendous show of nationalism—with lots of flags, clapping from the crowd, and all of the polizia everywhere in full dress. Here’s the piazza a little closer up, at left.

This picture (below) is a better depiction of the piazza, with some of the polizia in there and you can see the boat, the climbing wall, and the helicopter. The dome in the background is St. Peter’s.

Some of the best things we have seen in Rome have been completely by chance—being in the right place by chance and seeing something remarkable.

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You are cute. I love you. :)

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