20 May 2008

Dinner Out

Above, the sign for one of the best places we have been to eat (and we have now been there twice because we like it so much): Pizzeria Remo, located in our neighborhood in Testaccio.

After our first foray, we learned some of the ins-and-outs, including how to order, and what was available. The table next to us ordered fried antipasti and had fruit for dessert--strawberries and, as you can see below, pineapple. At left, the artistic presentation before we devoured it. When I ordered "un ananas," Jess pointed out it was possible I had ordered A WHOLE pineapple, not just a quartered one! We were relieved to get the cut and quartered one :) At right, after it's been devoured. It's even artistic after it's been eaten!

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