20 May 2008

Badly Behaved Dogs

After having the opportunity to observe dogs for a little over a week, I was fairly convinced that Roman canines were rather calm and collected. Mia even tells me she saw one chilling on a scooter (in motion) with its owner. Walking through a market in our neighborhood park last night, however, I discovered that not every dog is well-behaved. Below, you can see a beefy little black-and-tan Dachshund greeting a little Border Collie type dog, then deciding he was not a fan and barking at him.

You can also see some of the misbehavior of this Airedale pup. The young teen trying to walk her ended up having to walk out of the park and back in to get the dog to go where she wanted. Pulling at the lead just led to stubborn pulling back--getting an Airedale to go where you want can be a trick even for skilled handlers, and this puppy was clearly not trained and the girl not skilled. As a result, the dog was pulling at the lead, people were clearly watching, and it was abundantly clear that it was unacceptable for her to have her dog behaving in this way, even though it is patently a puppy. Expectations are high for the owner and for the dog. Dogs socialize as much as people here--and not being able to greet one another civilly is just as faux pas for dogs as for people.

Most of the dogs are very, very well behaved, so this Airedale and Dachshund stood out. Here's a video of a different dog (Shar-Pei family, clearly), walking right next to us and not even deviating from his path. Indeed, he was disinterested in all of the other dogs in the area, as well.

//video in process--technical issues are going on//

This is much more normal behavior. And, as a bonus, a few other photos from the park last night, including mostly small dogs, but one who was off lead and really, really excited about her ball.

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Hillary Jones: Dog spy!

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