14 May 2008

Dogs Not Allowed...Park Them, Instead!

At left, dogs are not allowed in this restaurant (you can see Mark and Mia in the glass, if you look closely!) and at right, dog parking at the carbonieri station. The first was at a restaurant. Because taking dogs into restaurants, shops, and cafes is so common (indeed, I just saw a happy dachsund under a cafe table this morning), it's posted when they are not welcome. The sign at the right is outside of a carbonieri (Italian military police) office, with hooks for leads. Generally, very small dogs appear to be kept on harnesses and large dogs off lead. They are almost all well-behaved. Which raises the question, where to Italians take their dogs to learn obedience? I must investigate further :)

After having a few more days to observe breeds, I'm beginning to see some themes. There are a number of Yorkies, Poodles, and a few Beagles (even a lemon one!). Today, I saw two French Bulldogs, but most dogs are a mix, or a breed I do not yet recognize. Above, a very cute, and apparently pampered Yorkie. Dr. Benson tells me this dog is in this shop daily, and often has a different bow in her hair.

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